Stefan’s Superman Story; Split Personality

Exploring the duality of Superman and Clark Kent.

How to Write a Novel, Civil Society

Guests Damien Boyes and Josh Garratt have a chat about writing and world-building.

Genocide, Space Travel and Conspiracies. The Trifecta of Fun! A.R.K.

Hugh and Stef discuss Hugh’s idea for an interstellar story with just a smidge of genocide.

Black Creek

Revisiting a catalyst for this podcast!

Santa Quits

Hugh reads a Christmas poem he’d written and shared with book editor, John.

Stefan’s Comedy Sketch Idea: Doctor Detective Lawyer

Stefan’s skit idea for crime fighting doctor…lawyer?

Hugh Shares his Short Film Idea: The Mirrored Eye

A short film idea about the stalked a stalker stalks.

Creating an Audio Drama Called Kingdom Falls

Stef describes his idea for an audio drama to Hugh.

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