Creating an X-Men Who Already Exists! Introducing: Memory Leak

Stef comes up with the idea of a totally forgettable member of the X-Men, only to learn that he may have become victim to his own creation’s mutant power!

Hugh Elliott
Stefan Grambart

Intro Voice
Jeff Wright

Episode Music
Not Of

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One comment on “Creating an X-Men Who Already Exists! Introducing: Memory Leak

  1. Andrew says:

    I can relate. I stopped working on all kinds of things because I got bored of them: Relationships, Self help, “me time”….

    Kidding boys. I really love this. I thought the VO intro was going to be: “everything the client killed”.

    Hugh, good call: the long defence never works.

    Apologies, a bit of tunnel vision here. Not a Comic guy.

    Well done though!


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