Condenser Mics… Who Knew?

Stefan and I learned a lesson in recording from Jeff Wright. Jeff is a talented recording engineer (he even won an Oscar for his sound work in The Incredibles! shhhhh) at Studio 306. If you looked around our site at the Hosts page, you see his name as the voice of our intro. We jumped at an opportunity to record in studio with Jeff and the first thing we noticed was the mics were “sideways”. Anyway, I made a video to explain the resulting conversation.

Memory Leak


Stef comes up with the idea of a totally forgettable member of the X-Men, only to learn that he may have become victim to his own creation’s mutant power!

Hugh Elliott
Stefan Grambart

Intro Voice
Jeff Wright

Episode Music
Not Of

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Welcome to Can’t Sell This!

Welcome to the brand new blog for Can’t Sell This; a podcast dedicated to projects that will never see the light of day.

Your hosts are Stefan Grambart and Hugh Elliott. These two friends realized a similar passion for creation and eventual abandonment of said creations. By that same token, a fondness for these projects remained and a lengthy discussion lead to the creation of Can’t Sell This.

Each episode will be dedicated to one creative project. From the initial concept to where that project lead to where it is now. Then the pair of hosts will discuss where that project could succeed or acknowledge why it won’t. All done in a light-hearted tone that should bring a smile to your face.