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Santa Quits

Hugh reads a Christmas poem he’d written and shared with book editor, John.

Stefan’s Comedy Sketch Idea: Doctor Detective Lawyer

Stefan’s skit idea for crime fighting doctor…lawyer?

Fabric with David Rowan

Time travel story with no time travel with David Rowan.

Hugh Shares his Short Film Idea: The Mirrored Eye

A short film idea about the stalked a stalker stalks.

Guest Josh Manricks’ VR Ideas: Salvage / Orbital

Guest Josh Manricks’ VR experience and a two-player game.

Creating an Audio Drama Called Kingdom Falls

Stef describes his idea for an audio drama to Hugh.

First Episode of the Hired Goon Episode: Two-Face

The Hired Goon ends up working for Two-Face.

Debut of the Audio Play: Hired Goon!

The Hired Goon is debuted by Hugh and Stefan

Stefan and Hugh Share Their Ideas for Halloween

Hugh and Stef both dig up dead ideas for this spooky Halloween double-header.

State of the Podcast 10/19/18

A State of the Union, in podcast form.

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