Emily Switzer & Stefan discuss her career—jumping from VFX producer, to 3D artist, to 3D fashion illustrator and digital artist!

Emily has worked in a number of different careers, getting her start as a VFX producer for long-format projects. She moved into the creative/art side and became a 3D artist and eventually re-invented herself again as a highly sought after 3D fashion illustrator. Emily joins Stefan in conversation about her career, humble artists, creativity, fashion, and crypto art!

MARZ VFX (Formery Impossible Creatures)
Tendril Animation
Orphan Black (Wikipedia)
Marvelous Designer
Clo – Fashion Design Software
Making CG Black Holes for Interstellar
Tory Miles – Concept Art / Environment Art at Mr X Toronto (ArtStation)
Louis Vuitton x League of Legends (not Overwatch)
Emily’s render of a cloud in a raincoat
Stefan’s interpretation of a cloud in a raincoat
Emily Switzer’s art on KnownOrigin
Verge article on the climate controversy surrounding NFTs and other cryptocurrencies.

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