Dré Labre & Jared Ficklin: Let’s Talk Futurism

Dré Labre and Jared Ficklin chat with Stefan and Hugh about futurism, the current pandemic, being Solarians and a hopeful future.

What follows are the links and mentions from the conversation.

FITC – post can opener
Pandemic Innovation
CDC Pandemic 1968
Apple Disney acquisition rumors I & II & III
“One riot, one ranger”
The Expanse on Goodreads
Mars Trilogy
Toynbee Convector
Kim Stanley Robinson
Yuval Noah Harari
EarthDavid Brin
Frederik Pohl Quote
Syd MeadA Future Remembered
Intro and outro music That’s the SpiritThe Darned

Hugh Elliott
Stefan Grambart

Intro Voice
Jeff Wright

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