Jordan Richer

Artist, gamer, DM and artist/idea guy The Deck Of Many, Jordan Richer! In conversation with Stef and Hugh about creating reference cards, adventures, characters, and setting for Dungeons & Dragons and what’s next.

Hit Point Press
The Deck of Many site and kickstarter

Also, watch this video of the Deck of Many Animated Spell Cards in action!

Dungeons & Dragons, the Open Gaming License (PDF), and SRD

Check out these D&D Products featuring Rick & Morty, and Stranger Things.

Magic: The Gathering
FanExpo Canada
Ashley Warren’s “Uncaged” on
Blades in the Dark
Free League Publishing
“Grimbeards” Stef & Jordan’s 2nd year @FanExpo
Matt Mercer & Critical Role
Cool Mini or Not
Sina Una campaign setting
The Strig memes begin!
Big Bad Booklet wins an Ennie!

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Hugh Elliott
Stefan Grambart

Intro Voice
Jeff Wright

Episode Music
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