Data Visualization and the Truth with Wes Grubbs

Data visualization needs to strike a delicate balance between the story and the facts. The nuance of data can be displayed poorly or with great artistry. Wes Grubbs, founder of Pitch Interactive, uses his 15 years of experience to explore the artistry of data visualization.

Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis
John Maeda
Jared Tarbell – image via Reason to be Creative festival
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Living Under Drones
Tree rings
Ebb and Flow
COVID-19 Case Mapper
The Golden Record of Voyager – Sorry Wes, not Apollo
Yuval Noah Harris – Sapiens
Ebay Analytics
image via Kyle Austin Dunn
image via – Joanie Lemercier
image via Sagmeister
Terry O’Reilly – The Age of Persuasion

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