Lindsay Gibb. Nicolas Cage Scholar, Journalist and Podcaster.

Lindsay Gibb is a journalist, librarian, podcaster, and Nicolas Cage expert. In this episode she chats with Hugh about fandom and 90s.

Richard Weiser, Author of The Real Mystery of Tom Thomson

Richard Weiser, author of The Real Mystery of Tom Thomson, chats with Hugh about his book, his process and poetry.

Children’s Book Author, Sarabeth Holden, Discusses Entrepreneurship, Parenthood and Creativity

Writing a children’s book while opening a new brewery AND raising young children is not for the faint of heart. Join Hugh as he speaks with Sarabeth Holden about all these things and more!

Science Fiction Author Christian Cantrell Discusses Writing “Five Minutes into the Future”

Author and technologist, Christian Cantrell, discusses his writing, his work at Adobe and how they work hand in hand to complement each other.

Elize Morgan joins Stefan as a guest to talk about her adventures in writing for TV & digital series

Elize Morgan writes a lot. She’s worked in television and digital series—even in the early days of the webseries boom! In conversation with Stef she shares her experience working in collaborative writers’ rooms, ideas in development, creative pitching, and how a pitch can get ruined by an alpaca and a llama!

Stef in conversation with Richard Rotter about indie productions, transmedia, and creating original content

Stef has a chat with Emmy-nominated writer/director Richard Rotter about how independent films and shorts are becoming easier to produce, how big budgets and visual effects don’t always make for a better product, and the challenges of working in multi-platform narrative.

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