Leslie Ehm, Swagger Coach, Author and New Painter!

Leslie Ehm is a corporate trainer and force of nature. Listen as she talks about training, learning to paint and being in the service of others.

Christy Dena on Interactive Storytelling

Christy chats with Stefan and Hugh about her current projects of writing a book on redesigning narrative design away from complicity, an accessible VR project about radical friendship, and a co-operative improv storytelling card game.

Hugh and Stefan in Conversation. Can’t Sell This Recap

Stefan returns for a conversation with Hugh about what’s been going on. Both in the podcast and in the world at large.

Education Grants How-to With Natalie Ramtahal

Research Writing Assistant, Natalie, joins Hugh and Stef dropping nuggets of information.

A Chat With Jennifer Shiman – Bunnies and Ombudsmen

30 Seconds Bunnies Theatre, Baldwin P. Leninforth, Ombudsman

Debut of the Second Hired Goon Episode: Syndrome

Hank picks his daughter up from Karate class and they chat about his latest job.

Fabric with David Rowan

Time travel story with no time travel with David Rowan.

Guest Josh Manricks’ VR Ideas: Salvage / Orbital

Guest Josh Manricks’ VR experience and a two-player game.

State of the Podcast 10/19/18

A State of the Union, in podcast form.

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